Facebook Marketing & Advertising

How To Market On Facebook

Social media is undoubtedly one of the biggest inceptions of the 21st century, with platforms across the web offering personal access to the lives of billions of people at the click of a button. With a range of users and information to be sought, it’s no wonder that businesses have tuned in to the staggering potential to grow their consumer-base – and the capacity to reap the benefits of advertising keeps on growing.

As the biggest media platform to date, Facebook is becoming more and more popular for marketers worldwide; mainly due to the fact that it plays host to nearly every potential customer there is. With this in mind, many find themselves asking how to target the right users and make the most of their campaigns.

Well, Facebook advertising is a great platform that gives businesses the ability to specify the types of customers that it is aiming to reach, with definitive targeting options (i.e. for location and interests).

So, how can you market on Facebook?

Facebook has three different marketing tools that can be utilised when promoting your products and services – or simply your business. These are: pages, ads and groups.

FaceBook Pages

A Facebook page is similar to a typical profile, but where standard ones are better suited to personal use, pages are useful for business purposes (and for use by public figures). A page allows users to like the products or services on offer, or follow the company in question – which will then prompt automatic updates from that page in the users’ newsfeed.

Advantages include free setup, no mutual relationship (as pages can simply be liked by anyone), and there are no restrictions on the amount of ‘friends’ (in this case fans or followers) that a page can possess.

FaceBook Groups

Facebook isn’t the largest social media site for nothing! Making use of the fundamentals of forums, whilst keeping their own unique features in mind, groups can be created to engage specific users. This enables businesses to give out important information to those who are interested, offer promotions and even to maximise reach and solidify branding.

While some may find groups to be time consuming, there’s no doubt that interest and enthusiasm for products, individuals, services and businesses can be enhanced with use.

FaceBook Ads

With one of the most attractive targeted advertising solutions across social media, Facebook allows businesses to create advertisements that are targeted to specific demographics; using elements such as location and age range. This is further extended to incorporate users’ education credentials and even the types of devices that are most used for browsing for the target market (i.e. young teens are more likely to be using mobile phones than laptops).

With around 2.20 billion active users worldwide, Facebook Ads have an amazing potential when it comes to targeted use – and as they can be tailored to meet the needs of a range of businesses; you can choose to use ads per-impression, or per-click.